#DineJoziStyleCoobs – Great Dining Experiences In Johannesburg

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Social media influencer and radio presenter, Edward Chamberlain-Bell, is turning up the heat for Johannesburg foodies and restauranteers alike with his foodie meetups hash-tagged #DineJoziStyle.

#DineJoziStyle is a foodie meetup where select social media influencers are invited to enjoy a dining experience at a designated restaurant which they will review on www.jozistyle.joburg. The influencers get to enjoy a great meal while the restaurant receives considerable online exposure.

Social media foodie meetups are a popular trend  as restaurants try to increase their online exposure through social media influencers; who are generally happy to oblige. It might sound like a free lunch because restaurants cover all expenses but the social media influencers are expected to sing for their supper online.

Finding the right balance is a juggling act, because, as Edward says, "a vet with 10,000 Twitter followers can probably send more people to your restaurant than a foodie with 20 followers"

Edward proudly supports local restaurants on his radio show at Radio Today Johannesburg, he encourages restaurants to include social media influencers in their marketing mix, provided that they create an authentic online dialogue about their dining experience. He adds that it is equally important for restaurateurs to engage with social media influencers who can review restaurants authoritatively.

When asked to explain what sets #DineJoziStyle apart from other social media meetups, he explains they're a discerning social media foodie meetup that offers great value and online exposure to local restaurants. #DineJoziStylers have reach, range, and credibility. There's only one rule: No Gushing!

Coobs JoziStyle Johnathan Andrews


Johnathan Andrews and his crew was invited to create exclusive "behind the scenes" footage of a #DineJoziStyle meetup at Coobs restaurant in Parkhurst called #DineJoziStyleCoobs. It was an opportunity for the Johnathan Andrews and his crew to record unrehearsed and unscripted footage of the dining experience.

The #DineJoziStyleCoobs experience never came with a brief of what footage was expected - except that filming / photography was not allowed to disrupt the restaurant or the dining experience. Waiters could not be expected to wait for the crew to get the perfect camera angle and hungry foodies were more interested in reviewing their meals than being caught on camera.

It was a fun evening. Chef James Diack treated cast and crew to an exclusive preview of his new Winter menu at Coobs restaurant.  Just to tease your taste buds, the menu included Slow Braised Suffolk Lamb served with a Truffle Infused Arancini, Chicken Liver Parfait with Port Braised Red Cabbage, Confit Pork Belly served with Roasted Apple, Turkish Style Roasted Aubergine, and either a Chocolate Plate or Lemon Curd Brulee Koeksister ice cream and candied citrus.

The #DineJoziStylers were as varied in ego as their opinions, Johnathan Andrews were challenged to capture the experience without preparation, and we learnt that while #DineJoziStyle only does five-star, first-class, front-row dining all the way - they don't gush!

Visit www.coobs.co.za.

Tune into http://1485.org.za/listenlive/

Join http://jozistyle.joburg/dinejozistyle/

Coobs JoziStyle Johnathan Andrews

Edward Chamberlain-Bell

Social media influencer, radio presenter and the man behind @JoziStyle - Edward Chamberlain-Bell has been blogging professionally and on a personal level, he covers varied food and lifestyle topics.

Coobs JoziStyle Johnathan Andrews

Heather Hook (Left) and Nocturnal Wenchy (Right)

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Coobs JoziStyle Johnathan Andrews

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Coobs JoziStyle Johnathan Andrews

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