Discovering JHB at Curiocity Backpackers Lodge

When it comes to making a travel documentary there are a few things worth writing about – you could start off by mentioning the number of sites worth visiting, the best food at the best restaurants and the greatest museums you’ve been missing out on – but when we’re speaking about Johannesburg, it has to be noted that all of the above should combine and present any traveller with a memory worth returning to. Soweto, for example,  is the home of culture, sentimentality and hope.

The city is setup in such a way that travelling from place to place has been made safe and easy. Whether it ranges from walking through the artistic paths less travelled, to cycling from one memorable hill to the other, or enjoying the hop-on-hop-off bus tours, tourists can be sure that a visit to the well-known suburbs will present a visual experience your eyes would not want to be closed upon.

Let’s mention the number of galleries and exhibitions on display or the wide-variety of street art to be found around every corner, let’s talk about the heart of the city, because this is where the story can be found. Rich in both history and contemporary culture, Johannesburg has developed over many years in order to declare itself as a destination not to be missed when visiting South Africa. The Maboneng Precinct is where creatives can meet and explore art once unseen. On Fox Street, an influential backpackers lodge by the name of Curiocity Backpackers can be found and is something worth exploring.

Where the true spirit of travellers unite.

Where the true spirit of travellers unite.

Whether you’re off walking through the noisy streets observing the notable structures alongside a knowledgeable guide or on the seat of a bicycle experiencing an intimate presentation of arts and culture, seeing Maboneng through the eyes of Curiocity Backpackers is definitely a must. You will find yourself enjoying a comfortable stay at the lodge as their bar service is neatly prepared to serve you with numerous beverages or the highly-recommended cappuccino at this warm and cosy lodge. Meeting a fellow artist or an inspiring individual during your stay is almost a guarantee seeing as though the entire setup is one aimed at uniting tourists and locals alike. It’s more than just a place to stay. It is a place in which the true spirit of travellers can combine.