Fabricana African Prints (Pty Ltd) an emerging Fashion brand

Founder and Director of Fabricana African Print – Seapehi Dumasi was born in Sharpeville in the South of Johannesburg. Dumasi has travelled to many countries throughout Africa; roaming through all these countries awakened her love for all things African, particularly African prints. Dumasi’s ultimate dream is to see Africa being celebrated through bold prints, from décor, to accessories, to clothing.

Fabrics that embrace the evolving style of both men and women.

Fabrics that embrace the evolving style of both men and women.

Fabricana African Prints (Pty Ltd) is located in the heart of Johannesburg and offers high quality African wax print fabrics, which are imported from various African countries. Fashion designers, interior designers and decorators, fabric house owners and tailors, and individual walk-in clients can purchase items from Fabricana African Prints (Pty Ltd). There are over 400 varied prints and fabrics to choose from.

Prints and fabrics embrace the evolving style of both men and women. In saying this, Fabricana aims to bridge the gap in South Africa by providing quality African prints to all at the best price.

This emerging fashion brand, established by Dumasi, has the central belief to celebrate the colourful continent of Africa through the following mediums; home décor, clothing and accessories. Invest in an item from Fabricana African Prints (Pty Ltd) and you directly invest in the rich heritage of Africa.

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