Fashion Kapitol

The Fashion District Institute (FDI) is a Section 21 organisation that was established to (amongst other things) carry out the development of the Fashion District in respect of its economy and physical environment. It was also established to build a sustainable, viable, fashionable and functional Johannesburg-based Fashion District as a hub of economic growth and jobs in the emerging fashion cluster. In other words, the FDI was established to assist emerging entrepreneurs in the fashion industry with the necessary tools, and to make available resources which will aid in the development of their businesses. The FDI is also responsible for the management of the Fashion Kapitol.

The Fashion Kapitol is a fashion and lifestyle centre that prides itself on promoting and endorsing products and services of African origin. Situated in the middle of the Fashion District, the centre aims to fuse the African culture with our modern way of living so as to clearly depict what it means to be African – and globally relevant – in the 21st century. It is also a centre that has a very young, vibrant and fresh culture. And it is through that culture that the Fashion District Institute (management) is able to be innovative in the manner in which it communicates the Fashion Kapitol brand (and its offerings) to the public.

Every Saturday, the Fashion Kapitol hosts the “Saturdays’ Fashion Market @ the Kapitol”. The Fashion Market takes place on Saturdays at the Fashion Kapitol Courtyard.  A variety of exciting activities can be enjoyed at the Fashion Market. From delicious food, different forms of arts, good live music and, of course, fashion. The fashion market also acts as a platform for emerging fashion entrepreneurs to introduce their products and brands to the mainstream market. They sell anything from tailor made leather bags, belts and sandals to caps, t-shirts, sweaters and different types of fashion accessories. It is these such products and services that sets the Fashion Kapitol apart from the other places.

Fashionable and Functional Fashion District

Fashionable and Functional Fashion District


The Fashion District, on the other hand, is physically located in the east of the Johannesburg Central Business District (CBD). It falls within the boundaries of Jeppe Street (northern edge), Von Weilligh Street (western edge), Market Street (southern edge) and End Street (eastern edge). It is made up of 26 blocks around the area, and clothing related businesses make up 75% of the businesses in the area.  Of these, most are engaged in sales-only activities; both retailers and wholesalers supply the low cost mass market. It is the primary goal of all the parties involved to build a world class Fashion District that all Africans can identify with and take pride in; a district which the rest of the world can relate to.