Insights into Dj@Large aka Tshepo Kgapane

Recently the Gusto panel sat down with Turkish film directors Emin Alper and Tolga Karaçelik to discuss their most recent projects and the emancipation of Turkish cinema as a leading competitor in the global filmmaking industry. This week the Gusto crew welcomes YFM’s Dj@Large.

Follow @Large_TheDj on Twitter for all his upcoming events.

Follow @Large_TheDj on Twitter for all his upcoming events.

Dj@Large aka Tshepo Kgapane is the current host of Stoep 992 which airs on Saturdays and Sundays from 18:00-21:00. @Large started out in radio during his years at Wits University where he received a BComm in Law. @Large joined VOW (Voice of Wits) FM in 2011 and in April 2015 entered into commercial radio when he joined the YFM family. Kgapane has said that campus radio was more simplistic because the host knows who his/her listeners are (Wits peers). Commercial radio however is where one has no idea who will call in, their age, race, background etc. despite the fact that YFM is targeted at persons aged 18-29. In Kgapane’s own words “YFM is now a hybrid catering to an urban middle class and a township crowd. It’s trying to balance itself and it takes a very intelligent presenter right now to relate to Sandton and Alex.” In addition to Stoep 992 @Large also features on the show Cocktail 101 where listeners share their home-made recipes for cocktails. @Large also features on the show Y-Dictionary. Here, listeners come up with their own words in order to create their very own unique dictionary.

Regarding the new age of radio Kgapane has said “I want to bring back being real to radio. As long as we’re not being real, radio is not going anywhere”. Gusto’s interview with Dj @Large shall take place on Thursday 23 June so keep an eye out for the upload.

Lastly don’t forget to check out our interview next week with Palesa Lebona whose recent film Cream will premiere at the Durban Film Festival this week.

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