Mila’s Meals – The Beginning and the Basics by Catherine Barnhoorn

Mila’s Meals: The Beginning & The Basics is an indispensable book for parents jam-packed with an abundance of knowledge, food ideas and guidelines complemented by healthy nourishing family friendly recipes for a baby’s birth years and beyond. The extensive 500-page book guides parents and expectant mothers with a road map on feeding children and reawakening their own knowledge of eating. It steers the path by dispelling myths on feeding to focus on essential nutrients, their roles, sources, explaining the motivation to removing gluten, refined sugar, dairy and bring awareness to feeding your child for long-term health.

The important issue of food sources is discussed which is aligned to the Organic Emporium store where interested parents can purchase farm produce from South Africa’s most ethical and sustainable farms. This book empowers parents wanting to raise children to eat nutrient dense, whole foods through the straightforward appetising recipes. Clear full colour photographs as well as guidelines on the age suitability accompany each recipe.

Owner of Organic Emporium and food activist spearheading the Jozi Real Food (R)evolution, Debbie Logan shares her excitement for Mila’s Meals saying: “I havent come across a book on babys first year this joyful, this comprehensive, this progressive, this sensible and this exciting that I am delighted to be hosting Catherine Barnhoon in Jozi for her Jozi book launch. ‘Mila’s Mealsis the book that gives you the best tools to give your baby and their sensitive immune system the great start it deserves.

Samples of the food featured in the book will be available at the launch event for parents to experience and take home to their children who are the ultimate judge of the success of a recipe.

Mila’s Meals will be available for sale at a discounted price of R380 at the launch events with those taking advantage of this launch promotion also receiving a 10% off voucher from Organic Emporium for purchasing the ingredients to make the recipes in the book. The book launch is an opportunity to meet Catherine who will be talking at the events about her experiences and the nutrient enhancers that she discusses in the book along with answering questions from parents.

A passionate mother who aspires to empower other parents with this comprehensive guide to organic eating.

A  comprehensive guide to organic eating.

Author, Catherine Barnhoorn features a range of dishes in the book which cater to those across different approaches from paleo, vegetarian, vegan, egg free and those seeking a healthy ethical approach to food. The book also includes healthier twists on old favourites such as rusks, gnocchi, fish fingers, chicken nuggets and much more for children to not feel left out when enjoying real food for their growing bodies. Mila’s Meals concludes with a comprehensive glossary of ingredients including uses, nutritional information and how to store the ingredients. The conversion charts and extensive appendix at the back would be in a vital reference guide for parents.

The content for Mila’s Meals was motivated by the author, Catherine’s personal experience of healing herself from autoimmune conditions through her diet and holistic living coupled with the decision to nurture her daughter, Mila on a diet free from gluten, refined sugar and dairy after her daughter reacted negatively to the same foods she did. A lack of available nutrition and recipe books focused on this approach prompted Catherine to create one herself resulting in Mila’s Meals which she self published.

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