The GET Peace Project

Every Decision

Every decision acted upon sets in motion an effect and destination in the future.

GET Peace is the acronym for a project to Get Earth Together.
The GET Peace Project is a United World Nation campaign aimed at unifying people into citizens of earth. Imagine a new world we can live in, with different rules and ideas that shape our lives in an exciting way.
Fundamental principles at the core of the #GETPeaceProject: gender equality, no racial distinction, no religion, no wars, no violence, no oppression, no discrimination, no pollution, no hunger, no starvation, no corruption.
Create a united one world nation where: we live together in peace and harmony and mutual respect as citizens of earth; nature is our mother; technology is our today and our future; information is public domain; knowledge and wisdom are our teachers; superior healthcare and education is a right; and individuals' talents are treasures.

The project was inspired by Lina Kantor who I met earlier this year - she is a Holocaust survivor.

Spending time with her (listening to her story and getting up-close to the horrors that millions of Jews faced during World War II) lead me to conceive GET Peace as my contribution to humanity. Peace, tolerance, understanding, insight, mutual respect, to name a few.

There is so much conflict in our world today and a lot of it has its roots in people being divided. My decision to dedicate focused time on creating GET Peace content (documentary films, photo essays and articles) and sharing the information with people on a large scale (on this blog, social media, books and talks) is aimed at having a positive impact on those who lead people, and the voices of the masses as well.

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Header photo of an installation in the Jewish Holocaust Centre, Cape Town: "A Jewish policeman directs traffic in the Warsaw ghetto. Early 1940s. Bundesatchiv Koblenz, Germany.