The Royal Moscow Ballet in South African


The Royal Moscow Ballet in South African

Did Somebody Say…corps de ballet?!

South Africa continues to thrive as an international hub for cultural expositions.

The Royal Moscow Ballet is in town and the country’s most cultivated theatre stages have welcomed this world revered class of choreography with equally suited strict preparation.

The State Theatre, the Playhouse Opera Theatre, the Guild Theatre and the Theatre of Marcellus  each stage the Crown of Russian Ballet’s cultural wonderment set to the mellifluous musings of Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev.

Moments before the Theatre of Marcellus showing, Gusto News had the distinct opportunity to converse with Eduoard Miasnikov--of the Eduoard Miasnikov Agency, responsible for the cultural refinement interchange between South Africa and Russia through - amongst other entities - the Royal Moscow Ballet company.  

Miasnikov reflected on the South African Ballet Theatre’s past visit to Moscow. “That is how I work. I work for South Africa. I work for Russia.” He stated committedly.

Gusto News was edified as he recalled an earlier time when Nelson Mandela’s ambition was to bring to South Africa, Bourgeois Theatre--a form of the dramatic arts that seeks  faith in the triumph of reason and virtue. True to the Madiba spirit. 

Join the Royal Moscow Ballet in a celebration of choreographed classic theatrical story telling through their principal dancers and corps de ballet.

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