Turkish Film Industry Insights

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Understanding Turkish New Wave Cinema

On the 10th of June last week Friday, The JAi Film Channel team had the privilege of meeting with academic scholar Dr. Ahmet Gürata at Rosebank Cinema Nouveau.

During our interview with Dr. Ahmet Gürata, we have managed to gain intellectual and practical insight about the history and present and future of Turkish cinema.

In the 1960s and 1970s of Turkish Cinema, it became the golden era, known otherwise as “Yesilcam Era.” After this period, there were its downsides. Distribution and economic problems and rising costs became a problem which would affect the way films were being made in Turkey.

It was not till the early 90s that there was a resurgence of filmmaking with technology and Internet evolving. Turkish cinema aims to explore themes such as identity and memory, creating unique works of art as opposed to just creating for popular culture.

Theoretical implications are useful in helping to understand and structure Turkish films, but it is mostly about reading and experiences and emotions that help build the core of film theory.

On a final note, Dr. Ahmet Gürata mentions as a Turkish citizen, he suggests that there must be new ways to circulate films, both locally and internationally.

Written by Karam Ezzideen